The target saving calculator for big and small wishes.

In the rate or target savings saver goes to work with a precise idea. He sets himself a goal, a sum he wants to achieve, and after how many years this goal is to be achieved. If the saver already has equity, he can use this as a basis. The saver pays a savings account, which should of course also interest.

For whom is target saving an option? For those who want or need to save on a goal within a certain period of time. Is there a real estate financing in the next few years and you need some equity? It goes however also a few numbers smaller. A journey for example. You calculate the trip and know approximately what you need money and how much you have to pack to the side. Why not target savings? The example can be applied to almost all possible goals. A new flat screen TV, a Mac for the hip cafe around the corner or just a nest egg for bad times.

From the statements made, the computer estimates the regular savings. The savings are dependent on target assets and how fast or how long should be saved.

Operation of our target savings calculator

Operation of our target savings calculator

First and foremost, you formulate your goal, how much you want to have accumulated in the end. If you are already a bit on the high edge, just bring this fortune into the savings plan.

The route is the goal. How does your way to the goal look like? Do you save on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis?
What is the expected return? The profit depends on the chosen investment form. For forms of investment with rising interest income, you must use the calculator for each revenue period individually. So you come to a concrete result.

Tip: For products with variable interest rates, you should always use the guaranteed interest rate.

When should the savings target be achieved?

When should the savings target be achieved?

The time span influences the savings rate. The faster you want to reach your target assets, the higher the regular deposits.

The financial calculators provided on this portal under the section Computer Collection are own developments that have been constructed strictly according to regular formulas of financial mathematics. Nevertheless, the results serve only as guidelines and orientation. We assume no liability for the correctness. Are you interested in the calculator as a white-label solution? Please feel free to contact the editors.

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